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tsn secret santa mix for aredblush: but then i go again

Title: But Then I Go Again (+ bonus silly holiday mix!)
Author: thatsapplejack
Recipient: aredblush
Warnings: None
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Summary: Post-deposition. Our boys dealing with resisting, forgiving, forgetting, longing, and regret, and ultimately giving in to the lurrrve. Yeah, it got kind of dramatic in my head. Oops.
Notes: So, um, I don't know why I did this but I pretty much made 2 mixes. I guess I just needed some more holiday cheer! So there's an extra holiday-themed mix with ridic cover art where Eduardo may or may not be holding a ring and proposing to Mark. IDEK you guys /o\. Also aredblush asked for a story with "woolen hats and matching mittens," but since I made a mix, I decided to call the bonus one that. Gurl, I hope you like these! Happy holidays!
Extra special thanks to yhbt for her words of wisdom~. <3

but then i go again

01. he hit me - grizzly bear

he hit me
and it felt like a kiss
he hit me
and i knew he loved me

02. oscillate wildly - the smiths


03. shape of my heart - noah and the whale

oh and if there's any love in me
don't let it show
oh and if there's any love in me
don't let it grow

04. west coast - coconut records

and i miss you, i'm going back home to the west coast
i wish you would have put yourself in my suitcase
i love you standing all alone in a black coat

05. tightrope - yeasayer

so you're wishing that you never did
all the embarrasing things you've done
and you're wishing you could set it right
and you're wishing you could stay tonight
but then i go again, wishing never solved the problem
if you wanna get it big time, go ahead and get it get it big time

06. you don't know me - ben folds ft. regina spektor

if i'm the person that you think i am
clueless chump you seem to think i am
so easily led astray
an errant dog who occasionally escapes and needs a shorter leash then
why the fuck would you want me back?

07. la boulange - yann tiersen


08. snowsuit sounds - sloan

pushed off of the silver swing
i got my braces full of sand
when all i ever wanted to do
was hold on to your hand

09. opus 36 - dustin o'halloran


10. gone for good - the shins

i find a fatal flaw
in the logic of love
and go out of my head
you love a sinking stone
that will never elope
so get used to the lonesome

11. my backwards walk - frightened rabbit

i'm working hard on walking out
shoes keep sticking to the ground
my clothes won't let me close the door
these trousers seem to love your floor

12. oh dear - matt costa

oh dear, oh dear
in spite of all the things i said, i always want you near

13. conversation 16 - the national

but i was less than amazing
do not know what all the troubles are for
fall asleep in your branches
you're the only thing i ever want anymore

14. the re-arranger - mates of state

i know its impossible, but you should try to shake it off
and if you really wanna shake it off
you gotta re-arrange, re-arrange, re-arrange us

15. too afraid to love you - the black keys

i just don't know what to do
i'm too afraid to love you

16. fake empire - the national

turn the light out, say goodnight
no thinking for a little while
let's not try to figure out everything at once
it's hard to keep track of you falling through the sky

17. futile devices - sufjan stevens

it's been a long, long time
since i've memorized your face
it's been four hours now
since i've wandered through your place
and when i sleep on your couch
i feel very safe
and when you bring the blankets
i cover up my face
i do love you
i do love you

18. i love you, you imbecile - pelle carlberg

i love the way you talk
i love the way you stalk me with your mobile phone
i love the way you smile
the way you're juvenile
i love the way you moan
i can live with vanity and puns
and the morning temper runs
i can live with all your downsides
i can live with you, oh
all i want, all i need
all i want is you
i can live with all the stupid things you do

download .zip

woolen hats and matching mittens

download .zip

enjoy :)
Tags: tsn: fanmix, tsnsecretsanta
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