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tsnsecretsanta: letter to santa

what up, secret santa? you're awesome. probably. no, definitely! here's where you can ask me questions about what i want, should you have any more. i'll put my entry stuff under a cut so you can read it here, even though you already got it in your assignment, so you probably don't need it again. but i don't know, other people did that too, and i'm a follower, .

Things that you like to see in fic? videos? artwork/graphics?FIC: I like Mark/Eduardo most, sometimes Jesse/Andrew. I like angst and I like crying while I read? Oops, what. But I also like laughing so. This is so not helpful. Um. I love AUs with everything I am. I'm not all that picky. I like OCs. VIDS: anything! AU or crossover vids are cool. ART: anything! MIXES: I like indie/alternative, electronic, classic rock, and classic folk stuff most, but am seriously open to most music.
Squicks or things that you dislike? Not into hard kinks like scat/watersports/etc, mpreg, fantasy or sci-fi stuff. I don't usually like hard D/s. No Winklecest, please D:

thank you so much, whoever you are! i am so so excited to get something from you, and i probably don't even deserve it. <3 <3

maybe i thought of putting a santa hat on eduardo for this occasion. maaaaybeeee...
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